Spanish Love Songs Release New Single ‘Pendulum’

Spanish Love Songs have released a third single from their upcoming new album ‘No Joy’, out August 25 via Pure Noise Records.

Spanish Love Songs

On latest track ‘Pendulum’, vocalist and guitarist Dylan Slocum explains, “The song is a few different stories blended together that all dance around the fact that death is such a solitary act. The details of the stories are meant to feel vaguely familiar — someone on the verge of dying alone in a hospital; someone with dementia; countless friends who’ve decided to end it on their own terms. We’ve all lost someone.”

He continues “I think people generally don’t want to be left alone, or to die alone, yet that’s often all we’re left with. It’s all very terrifying, so a lot of the time I’m just trying to be present and enjoy what I’ve managed to scrape together. I wait for the pendulum of my worry to swing the other way, into some form of manic love.”

Watch the video for ‘Pendulum’ below:

And have a look at the full ‘No Joy’ tracklist below:

  1. Lifers 
  2. Pendulum 
  3. Haunted 
  4. Clean-Up Crew 
  5. Middle of Nine 
  6. Marvel 
  7. I’m Gonna Miss Everything 
  8. Rapture Chaser 
  9. Mutable 
  10. Here You Are 
  11. Exit Bags 
  12. Re-Emerging Signs of the Apocalypse

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