SpiritWorld Release Destructive New Track ‘Relic Of Damnation’

Spiritworld are a band unlike any other, and they continue to prove that with their all-consuming new offering.

SpiritWorld have released a new track and further cemented their place as one of metal’s most exciting prospects.

That song is ‘Relic of Damnation’ and is an unrelenting, riff-laden, all-out crushing piece of headbang-worthy wonderfulness.

Stu Folsom had this to say about it:

“‘Relic of Damnation’ has been my favourite riff on the record but was the biggest m’fer to finish.  I knew I had a classic that brings back that Metallica, Slayer vibe I love so much, but I never liked the vocals and tried out three or four different rewrites after the demo. The very last night we worked on it, Theresa, Matt and I were fried and about to call it a night when I repurposed a verse from a country song I was writing and put it over the first verse. The vocals were done in one take and is my favorite vocal delivery on the album.  I also love the vocals that trade off at the end between Justin Fornof and I.  ‘Relic…’ is a banger and has been a staple of our live set since our first show!  I’m so excited for people to finally have the studio recording! 

The video is the finale of our DeathWestern trilogy with director Todd Hailstone. Being able to work with my longtime friend, going all the way back to being high school punk rockers, has been incredible.  He took my vision of gunsmoke, gore and heavy metal and worked up three incredible videos. It was probably a little ambitious to do a film trilogy that spreads across two albums, but I think the performances Todd got from Derek and Voki to finish this bad boy off were amazing!”

So with that in mind, we should probably all watch the trilogy of videos in order.

Here’s the first, which comes in the form of ‘The Bringer Of Light’ from last year’s ‘Pagan Rhythms’:

Then ‘DEATHWESTERN’, which is the title track of the band’s new album, which will be released on November 25:

And now, the finale. ‘Relic Of Damnation’:

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