The Dangerous Summer Release ‘Coming Home’ Deluxe Edition Featuring Movements’ Pat Miranda

The Dangerous Summer have released a deluxe, one-year anniversary edition of their ‘Coming Home’ album – which features Pat Miranda of Movements and Say Anything’s Max Bemis.

‘Coming Home (Deluxe Version)’ is out now via Rude Records.

Miranda – who recently gave us the lowdown about Movements’ new ‘Ruckus!’ album – lends his vocals to the album’s track title.

Bemis, meanwhile, collaborates on a reworking of ‘All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself’.

Speaking about working with both artists for the anniversary project, The Dangerous Summer vocalist and bassist AJ Perdomo has said:

“Working with Pat and Max is a dream come true, and it really spans time and space. I grew up listening to Say Anything, and it was an honour that Max would even consider being on the track. 

“He is a genius, and when I heard what he wrote [for] the track, it blew my mind. Then you have Pat, who is blowing up. I think Movements brought a really fresh breath into the scene, and carved their own world. 

“So it was cool of Pat to pour himself out onto ‘Coming Home’. He is such a good singer, a professional, and a great writer.”

See the full ‘Coming Home (Deluxe Version)’ album artwork and tracklisting below.

1. Coming Home (feat. Patrick Miranda)

2. All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself (feat. Max Bemis)

3. Coming Home

4. All I Ever Wanted Was A Chance To Know Myself

5. Sideways

6. Dimensional Love

7. Big Green Eyes

8. Gold Star

9. Meet Me in the Morning

10. Polarity

11. Wide Open

12. Someday

13. Goodbye

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