These Bands Are Most Likely To Make Fans Feel Sad Or Angry

A new study has revealed which artists are most likely to make their fans feel sorrow, anger and joy.

Photo: Carla Mundy

The research, which comes from Preply, analysed more than 200,000 popular posts and comments in the Reddit fan communities (“subreddits”) of 92 popular music artists and bands.

The study then used a dataset called Emotion to measure the sentiment of the language of each individual post and comment, scoring whether the message was one of “sadness,” “joy,” “love,” “anger,” “fear,” and “surprise” and tagging it with whichever emotion it scored the highest on. 

Each subreddit was then ranked based on a percentage basis for whichever emotion it was tagged for; the saddest fanbase, for instance, was the one with the highest percentage of posts and comments ranked “sad”. 

Linkin Park ranked in second-place for being most likely to make their fans feel sadness.

Metallica and Nirvana follow, coming in joint-third for making their fans feel sad.

My Chemical Romance, meanwhile, scraped into the top ten, coming joint-tenth along with Swedish DJ Avicii and John Mayer.

Top of the list for having the saddest fan base was Panic! At The Disco.

Elsewhere, Metallica and Guns N’ Roses are sixth and seventh, respectively, in being most likely to make their fans feel anger.

Top of the list for being rage-inducing is rapper Cardi B.

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