Tropic Gold Announce Their Signing To UNFD With Huge New Tune ‘Adrenaline’

Tropic Gold have released powerful new single ‘Adrenaline’ to mark their signing to UNFD.

Photo: Alex Jay

The blistering three-and-a-half-minute tune from the British quartet is some way to mark your debut with a label.

‘Adrenaline’ is the band’s first release since their five-track ‘DO U FEEL IT?’ EP arrived in August.

The new track arrives with a video that embodies some of its frenetic energy – have a watch and a listen below.

Describing the new track, the band have explained its meaning and the perspective from which it’s written, saying:

“Adrenaline unravels the uncontrollable feeling of not being able to get through a day without an unreasonably positive event occurring.

“It vocalises how having a day without an extreme positive lift can result in intense lows, similar to withdrawal symptoms. The lyrics are written from a “talking to myself” perspective, with vocals representing an inner monologue highlighted throughout the song.”

Having signed to UNFD, Tropic Gold can now count the likes of The Xcerts, Moodring, SiM and Frank Iero as their new labelmates. 

Tropic Gold have had a few words to say on the buzz of joining such a label, too, adding:

“The excitement of signing with UNFD is undeniably life changing.” 

“We are beyond grateful for the shared enthusiasm UNFD have in the future of Tropic Gold, and are not holding back on making the most of what this partnership can create. 

“The shared ambition for bringing the vision of Tropic Gold to life has allowed us to expand our team for the first time, and UNFD have made us feel lovingly welcomed and part of a family immediately. We can’t wait to invite the world to join the experience.”

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