Varials Release New Track ‘Circles’

Varials’ new track finds them heading in a different direction, but keeping that same caustic intensity they are renowned for.

Varials’ new album ‘Scars For You To Remember’ is set to arrive in just a few weeks, and the band are dealing out plenty of surprises in the lead-up.

The latest is their new track ‘Circles’, which shows off a side of the band we haven’t seen much before.

It is an anthem of the highest calibre, brimming with huge melodies and a haunting atmosphere.

Though between these elements, the band’s seething intensity still exists, providing that caustic edge that makes Varials such a huge addition to the heavy music sphere.

The band had this to say about it:

“‘Circles’ is a new but familiar style for the band. We’ve touched on sounds like this before, but this is the melodic climax of the record and our career this far. We hope to take this sound further into the future.”

Here it is:

‘Scars For You To Remember’ will be released on October 14 via Fearless Records.

It will also feature ‘.50’:

And ‘The Cycle of Violence: Chapter 1’:

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