Watch Static Dress’ Mysterious New Video

Static Dress have added more intrigue to their universe with their latest video for ‘Unexplainabletitlesleavingyouwonderingwhy (welcome in)’

Static Dress have continued their descent into otherness with the release of a new video for a track taken from their debut album ‘Rouge Carpet Disaster’.

It’s for ‘Unexplainabletitlesleavingyouwonderingwhy (Welcome In)’ and shows off a different dimension to the one that we are used to when it concerns the band.

Different colours, different costumes, and different atmospheres, it adds extra layers of mystery to what is already a fascinating story.

And the song is a rager, brimming with mid-00s earnest and angst.

You can check it out below:

And here’s ‘fleahouse’, which was released alongside the album earlier this year:

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