Your Misery Share Spine-Tingling Track ‘Still Existence’

Your Misery extend their hot streak of delivering perfectly emotional post-hardcore with another absolute beauty of a track.

Your Misery are back with another reason why they should be one of your new favourite bands, and it’s more stunningly affecting post-hardcore. 

This new track is called ‘Still Existence’ and dips its toes into etherealism via new wave atmospheres, but sticks to the band’s core incentive of plucking the heartstrings. 

It’s beautifully constructed and spine-tinglingly rousing and bound to be stuck in your head for the next few weeks. 

Basically, it’s time for you to jump aboard.

Here we go:

It follows on from ‘When I Am Not’:

Which followed on from ‘No Hope’ which sounds like this:

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