Zebrahead Release Frantic New Track ‘Middle Seat Blues’

Zebrahead are releasing a new EP next month, and they have shared another razor-sharp taster of it.

Zebrahead are well into their new era now, and the big tracks keep on coming.

The band have shared another taste of their upcoming new EP ‘II’ called ‘Middle Seat Blues’, and it is a rip-roaring and raucous piece of pit-spinning pop-punk.

Delivering all of the aggression and attitude we expect from the band, but with an extra bit of spring in their step, it’s yet another triumph on what is proving to be one of the band’s proudest moments.

Vocalist Adrian Estrella had this to say about it:

“Surround yourself with quality, not quantity. Not everyone around you has your best interests in mind, ‘Middle Seat Blues’ is about just that!”

And bassist Ben Osmundson added this:

“Imagine a song that combines a bit of metal, a bit of laid-back groove and splashes a bit of punk on top. Hard to imagine right? Well, give ‘Middle Seat Blues’ a listen.”

Let’s go then:

‘II’ will be released on February 03.

It will also include ‘Evil Anonymous’:

And ‘Licking On A Knife For Fun’:

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