Teenage Wrist Announce New Album ‘Still Love’

Teenage Wrist have announced their new album ‘Still Love’, set for release on August 04.

Image credit: Joe Calixto

The L.A. band have also shared the title track and its accompanying music video to mark the news.

The new single, which features Canadian grunge duo Softcult, is a fuzzy, headbanging track that deals with issues of toxic masculinity and self-loathing.

Have a listen to the new track via its video below.

Vocalist, guitarist and bassist Marshall Gallagher has spoken of the cathartic nature of the songwriting that led to the band’s latest output, saying: 

“I was in a pretty dark spot after Covid (as most people were), and I was starting to piece together things about myself that were difficult to face; like why I carry so much shame and guilt, and how the manifestation of those things were quite literally hurting me, as well as others. 

“It’s pretty wild how putting thoughts down on paper can help you make sense of your emotions. Writing these lyrics was sort of a gateway to forgiving myself – for big mistakes, for not living up to expectations, for being a shit tornado of a person in the process of learning how to live.  

“Also, I was listening to way too much Sunny Day Real Estate and I’m sure it seeped through.”

See the full ‘Still Love’ tracklist and album cover below.

1:  Sunshine

2:  Dark Sky (feat. SA Martinez)

3:  Still Love (feat. Softcult)

4:  Digital Self

5:  Something Good

6:  Wax Poetic (feat. Sister Void)

7:  Diorama

8:  Cold Case

9:  Cigarette Two-Step (feat. David Marion)

10:  Humbug (feat Heavenward)

11:  Sprawled

12:  Paoloma a.k.a. Ketamine

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