Will Haven Announce New Album ‘VII’ Via Single ‘5 Of Fire’

Will Haven have today announced their seventh full-length album, sharing new single ‘5 Of Fire’ to mark the news.

Will Haven
Image credit: Eric Rivera

The Californian hardcore quintet’s forthcoming album is set for release on 7 July.

Get a load of the rip-roaring lead single ‘5 Of Fire’ via its video below.

Speaking of the new single, the band’s guitarist Jeff Irwin has described it as “the blueprint” for the forthcoming album, adding:

“It’s heavy, chaotic, with different moods and tempo changes. We wanted to challenge ourselves by writing live in real time, and this song was the one to set that off.” 

“I love how it came out and I find myself going back and listening to it over and over again. I still find something new every time I listen.”

The new album itself – like many a record currently being released – first had its roots just before the pandemic struck, which gave the band extra time to experiment with more sounds, ideas and arrangements. 

As a result, Irwin has added:

“The creation of this record was a bit of a process, but it gave us an escape from everything else going on in the world. 

To this day, I am still trying to wrap my head around this record. It’s heavy, chaotic, mellow, beautiful, and dark. It’s more of an art piece than your normal standard songs, and that’s exactly what we wanted.”

“I love hearing it in its entirety and am looking forward to performing all of the songs. It’s even more of a journey when you hear it live.”

See the full album cover art and tracklisting below.

1. Luna

2. 5 Of Fire

3. For All Future Time

4. Evolution Of A Man

5. Paloma’s Blessing

6. Wings Of Mariposa

7. Diablito

8. No Stars To Guide Me

9. Feeding The Soil

10. La Ultima Nota

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