SAVE US, ‘Lucid’ EP | Track By Track

SAVE US guide us track by track through their latest EP ‘Lucid’ which is out now via Year Of The Rat Records.

“‘Lucid’ is a collection of songs exploring the human experience with a subliminal nod to the idea that reality and emotions may not be as we perceive it, much like a dream or a simulation.”


“Opening track ‘Nightmare’ is an expression of feeling lost, hopeless needing support from a significant other by whom paradoxically is being pushed away by this. Musically the song explores soaring melodies backed by an array of synth and guitar production, this was the last song to come together for the record. It’s a bit crazy to think that this song almost didn’t make it. While we were wrapping things up for ‘Lucid’ we felt like something was missing so we decided we would try and squeeze in another song. Surprisingly it came together very quickly one day to be exact and is one of my favourite songs on the record.”


“‘Haunt’ dives into the struggles of being stuck in the past. It explains how intrusive thoughts always find a way to reach the surface pulling you into a downward spiral. Haunt was finished early on in the process, leading it to contain a larger array of the SAVE US soundscape, particularly from the heavier side. Lyrically haunt is one of those special songs for me. The chorus ‘this can’t be over’ has so much back story to it and always makes me feel very emotional. I look forward to performing it live one day.”


“‘Endless’ displays the repeating cycles of damaging relationships between people, friends, families, partners with it ending and beginning over and over but each time you both descend deeper losing more of yourselves. ‘Endless’ took a different direction with a heavy Pop and Nu metal influence throughout. ‘Endless’ is another one of those tracks that I love. Growing up I was heavily influenced by pop music, and felt that with this song I can really display some of those influences. I remember the amount of excitement we had as a band when writing the chorus melody, and those are the moments I cherish so much.”

New Light

“‘New Light’ pushes the theme of remaining positive and overcoming challenges between people, offering a strong support for those who may struggle. With ‘New Light’ there are a range of extreme textures on both guitars and synths, despite that keeping in mind the idea of soaring, melodic vocals so the approach was like a chaotic orchestra. ‘New Light’ was one of the earlier songs on the record, and was the first chorus we wrote with high soaring vocals. After writing ‘New Light’, it opened up a door of possibilities for where we can take future songs.”


“‘Distance’ is a true display of love and accountability, pledging growth and commitment to those you hold close. Musically the song slowly builds with an ebb and flow between larger moments centred in the emotive display vocally. ‘Distance’ is the song that I can confidently say on behalf of the whole band is our art piece song. During the final recording stages I had spent loads of time crafting vocal production bits, the EP was completely DIY so learning how to create these sounds was challenging. I am extremely happy with the end result of ‘Distance’ and look forward to creating more songs in this realm for future releases.”


“Closing track ‘Drift’ expresses the struggles of having your loved one be so close yet so far away and oblivious to those struggles, leaving you isolated and drifting away from everyone around. ‘Drift’ is a more progressive journey, ultra low guitars smothered in ghostly atmospheres and melodic vocals. Hearing the end result of ‘Drift’ was a very special moment. The song had originally been written as a ballad and sat in my computer for over 2 years. I remember sending the song over to Chris and he jokingly adding a chaotic riff over the soft vocals and me telling him ‘Dude I freaking love that!’. ‘Drift’ showed me that there are no rules when it comes to writing music you follow your instincts and just create.” 

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