Tenside’s 2024 Playlist | New Discoveries

Ahead of the release of new album ‘Come Alive Dying’, Tenside talk us through some of their recent musical discoveries.

Photo: Severin Schweiger

Ghost Atlas

Mike – “This is a record I‘ve been listening to for a while now. I think I found it on Spotify by a lucky coincidence just when the pandemic started and instantly loved it. It‘s a side project of Erra‘s singer Jesse Cash, which I found out later. I really dig the simplicity of the songs and the overall raw character of the album. It’s just extremely well written, catchy guitars, drums, bass and vocals with no extra use of synths and no frills. Also Joseph McQueen, who also mixed our new album Come Alive Dying, did an amazing mix for this!!”

Ayron Jones

Dany – “I was sitting in the car on the highway in LA when I was stuck in traffic and my phone rang. My bandmate Mike told me about this new song that he just discovered and which I should listen to. I turned on the song and was immediately flashed by this voice and the whole mood of the song. A unique sound that you won’t find on every corner.”

Empire State Bastard

Hanni – “A friend told me about the new supergroup that is Simon and Mike from Biffy Clyro alongside Dave Lombardo. The rough production and the sheer chaos that is Empire State Bastard got me hooked right away.”

Better Lovers

Hanni – “Spotify Release Radar picked ’30 Under 13′ for me. I always wondered what Every Time I Die would sound like if Greg Puciato would be their singer. It’s a match made in heaven and I’m glad these guys started Better Lovers. Can’t wait for a full length.”


Jonas – “Heard this song for the first time in a bar. As an evening closing song to kick out all the people. Loved the classic trash metal vibe combined with modern touch immediately.”

‘Come Alive Dying’ is out on January 19 via Ivorytower Records.

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