Bad Omens Are Working On Two New Albums

Bad Omens frontman Noah Sebastian has revealed the band are working on two new albums.

Bad Omens
Image credit: Bryan Kirks

Sebastian revealed the news to Joel Madden on the Good Charlotte lead vocalist’s Artist Friendly podcast. 

Among the many things discussed throughout the hour-and-a-half episode, Sebastian confirmed Bad Omens were working on new music, saying: “In a way, we’re working on two records at once.”

He explained the first album is a deluxe called ‘Concrete Forever’ – the same name as their massive North American tour commencing this September – which will have remixes, pared-back tracks, new original works and collaborations.

“Then in the middle of working on that,” he added, “we’re working on music that we’re considering for-album music.”

The singer also outlined ambitions to do a track with ERRA, so the two bands can play it when they head out on tour together later this year.

Stressing the importance of timing and getting things right, however, Sebastian added: “It’s important to me not to rush anything. 

“That’s always a priority, even if it takes me a year or three years. I’m gonna make the best album first.”

Talk of new music in the works comes at a hugely momentous time for Bad Omens, not least with the tour and success of their blazing third album ‘THE DEATH OF PEACE OF MIND’.

The track ‘Just Pretend’ from the album, which received a full video earlier this month, has had huge success in its own right, with viral fame on TikTok that helped propel it to the top of Billboard’s Hard Rock Digital Song Sales

And with two projects now reportedly on the go, Bad Omens are showing no signs of slowing down.

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