Bearings Release New Tune ‘Slip’ Along With Heartfelt Video

Bearings have shared new track ‘Slip’ – the latest single from their forthcoming album ‘The Best Part About Being Human’.

Image credit: Kay Dargs

The new record is set to arrive August 18 and has so far been teased by singles ‘Scenery’, ‘Gone So Gone’ and ‘Live Forever Never Die’.

And now Bearings have added ‘Slip’ into the mix, which arrives with its own wistful video – have a watch and a listen below.

Discussing the new track and how the track casts a fairly wide view of life, the band have explained:

“Slip was something that came together on its own.

“The chorus sort of has that country sway to it and the verses tell a story about the wonder and fragility of life. The feelings of loving, but knowing you can never be perfect for that person or rather perfect for anyone as you’re only human. 

“Looking into other’s experiences and how they found their way through the ups and downs together and what that might have looked like.”

Have a look at ‘The Best Part About Being Human’ album cover below.

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