Blink-182 Add Two New Songs To Digital Version Of ‘One More Time’

Blink-182 have treated fans to two new songs via the digital-only version of ‘One More Time’ album.

The two new tracks, ‘Cut Me Off’ and ‘See You’, add to the band’s already sizable new album, to offer a bumper, 19-track version.

The deluxe digital album is available through the band’s store.

These extra additions were teased not long prior to the full confirmation, with Travis Barker tweeting earlier yesterday (25 October):

“Wouldn’t it be cool if the album had 2 more songs.”

Well now we have exactly that – and yeah, it is pretty cool.

In Rock Sound’s review of ‘One More Time’ – the first blink album featuring all three of Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge and Travis since 2011 – we wrote:

“While fans will always have their own personal favourites that they hold close to their heart, it is fair to say that ‘One More Time…’ is a pretty perfect encapsulation of everything the band has been up to this point. 

“As Mark sings on ‘Childhood’, ‘Why is everyone afraid to be themselves not imitate?’ In ‘One More Time…’, they can proudly declare that they have produced the most quintessentially blink-182 album they have ever made.”

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