Brand Of Sacrifice Release All-Consuming New Track ‘Exodus’

Brand Of Sacrifice are back and continue to go harder than everybody else.

Brand Of Sacrifice are back with their first new music of 2022, and it is a big old statement of what is to come.

The band have shared ‘Exodus’, a masterclass in the combination of melody and menace.

Pushing their sound forward whilst also keeping that same brute force and belligerence that has cemented their place at the top of the pile.

It’s insatiably catchy whilst also possessing some of the most outrageously heavy and forward-thinking breakdowns you will hear this year.

Vocalist Kyle Anderson had this to say about it:

“We’re so excited to unveil the next chapter of Brand of Sacrifice! Exodus examines the darkest aspects of what we as humans are capable of, coming from the standpoint of a fearless leader.

From the eyes of his brother and comrade, we witness an ability to survive and push forward when what he loves most is stolen right before his eyes by the one he looked up to and relied on. Trust can be earned, respect can be dished out, and loyalty is demonstrated. Betraying any of those, loses you the three.”

Get stuck in, you know you want to:

It follows on from ‘Enemy’, which dropped last year alongside an epic video:

And here’s the title track of their last album ‘Lifeblood’ featuring Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos, because what a combo:

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