Ex-Every Time I Die Vocalist Keith Buckley Announces New Band

Former Every Time I Die Vocalist Keith Buckley has announced he’s started a brand-new band, Many Eyes.

Image credit: Travis Shinn

Every Time I Die split at the beginning of last year, with Jordan Buckley, bassist Steve Micciche and drummer Clayton “Goose” Holyoak going on to form part of metalcore band Better Lovers.

And now Keith Buckley has revealed he has a new band of his own, teaming up with brothers Charlie and Nick Bellmore to form a new band called Many Eyes.

Written out and spoken from a letter to his socials, Buckley told fans:

“Dear you, sup. It’s me, Keith. Just wanted to let you know that I have a new band. It’s called Many Eyes. Two brothers named Charlie and Nick Bellmore play guitar and drums respectively. They also write, produce and record all the songs. I think they’re brilliant and I’m confident that you will, too.

“Jamey Jasta introduced me to them over a year ago and the three of us have not stopped writing since. Shout out to Jamey Jasta. He is, and always has been, the realest.

“Many Eyes marks the beginning of a new chapter in my story. One that promises to be significantly different from the ones that preceded it. It’ll be better… I’m better. I look forward to proving it, both onstage and off. See you out there.

“Love, me… Keith”

The Bellmore brothers have previously played for Kingdom of Sorrow, on their second album ‘Behind the Blackest Tears’, and have also both played in Toxic Holocaust.

Whilst there’s no new music from Many Eyes, it sounds like things are well underway.

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