Hey Violet Sign To Hopeless Records And Release Single ‘I Should Call My Friends’

Alt-pop band Hey Violet have released their first single under Hopeless Records: the catchy new tune ‘I Should Call My Friends’.

Image credit: Kenny Jusino

The new track includes production work from The Maine’s John O’Callaghan.

Have a listen to ‘I Should Call My Friends’ below.

Describing what the song’s about, Hey Violet’s Rena Lovelis has shared:

“‘I Should Call My Friends’ is a cry to a nostalgic reminiscing of youth and the song is simultaneously calling out bad habits I (Rena) slip into sometimes, like isolating and not keeping in contact with people as much as I normally would. 

“This song is a super fun but acutely self-reflective anthem that paints a picture of a widely felt human experience – our need for connection with each other and compassion for ourselves. 

“This song really touches on struggles with mental illness and how that in itself can make one feel incredibly disconnected. We want listeners to know that if you feel that way, you are not alone.”

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