Holy Wars Drop Fiery New Single ‘Body//Temple’

Holy Wars have shared their second new track of the year: the spirited ‘Body//Temple’.

The new track follows the release of single ‘Deus Ex Machina’ at the end of last month, and arrives with a compelling video of its own.

Have a listen to the new track via the video below, which is designed to depict vocalist Kat Leon – one half of Holy Wars, along with guitarist Nick Perez – confronting her ‘shadow self’. 

Speaking on the new video release, the band have shared: 

“‘BODY//TEMPLE’ embarks on a profound journey of self-discovery, navigating through ego dissolution and the depths of the Shadow Self. 

“Its lyrics serve as a poignant cautionary tale on the path to enlightenment, shedding light on how our egos and self-projections can become insidious adversaries. 

“This composition urges us to scrutinise every facet of our lives—be it religion, society, or our very essence—for authentic revelation and personal liberation.”

Both recent Holy Wars singles mark the first of many releases set for the band, having recently joined their new label Pale Chord, where they can count the likes of Spiritbox, Harper and Thousand Below as labelmates.

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