Home Alone Has Never Sounded As Metal As This

This is what happens when you take some of the music from the holiday classic Home Alone and put it through a metal lens.

Home Alone is a holiday staple. End of.

A film that 30 years on is still as charming, funny and chaotic as when it was released, it’s a movie filled with heart and soul. And the soundtrack is sick.

But have you ever wondered what it would sound like if John Williams had been more into guitars, bass and drums?

Well, Jeb Hardwick has done just that.

He has taken the track ‘Setting The Trap’, the music that soundtracks the set up for the grand finale of the film, and turned it into a metal-tinged masterpiece.

It’s hard, heavy and brimming with technical heat.

Have a watch and listen for yourself below:

And here’s how the original sounds in the context of the film, just for comparison reasons:

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