Koyo Deliver New Single ‘Message Like A Bomb’ Featuring Glassjaw’s Daryl Palumbo

Koyo have given another massive reason to be excited for their debut full-length album, with new single ‘Message Like A Bomb’ out today – featuring Glassjaw and Head Automatica’s Daryl Palumbo.

The Long Island rockers announced their debut LP back in May and have since blessed us with ‘You’re On The List (Minus One)’ and ‘Anthem’. 

‘You’re On The List (Minus One)’ even came with a music video that featured cameo appearances from My Chemical Romance’s Frank Iero and the band Regulate.

‘Would You Miss It?’ arrives on September 29 and is set to offer a blend of punk, hardcore, and emo.

Today, the band have shared the brand-new single ‘Message Like A Bomb’, featuring Palumbo.

Have a listen to the new banger below.

Koyo vocalist Joey Chiaramonte has spoken of working with Palumbo, how the collab came about, and the feel and overall message of the new tune, saying:

“‘Message Like A Bomb’ is a sweet ballad, anthemic track, with some real venom layered underneath it. It’s a song fueled by my distaste for a lot of the things I see around me as the band grows in scope and size, as well as the scene surrounding us does the same. I’m not the hater type, but whatever hater energy exists in me is laced into this song. 

“This song also gave us the opportunity to have Daryl Palumbo of Glassjaw and Head Automatica do a feature on the track and that’s been surreal. 

“Glassjaw is one of my favorite bands, and Daryl is one of the greatest creatives of my lifetime, or at least that’s how I feel. We reached out to him about this feature, kinda taking a shot in the dark about a year prior to it actually happening, and he responded all that time later out of nowhere completely down to do it. 

“His swag, character, and nuance, is now baked and layered into various parts of the track. The final mix via Jon Markson left me speechless. It’s been an honor beyond any words I could assemble to have him on this track.”

Check out the ‘Would You Miss It?’ track-list and album artwork below.

1. 51st State

2. You’re On The List (Minus One)

3. Life’s A Pill

4. I Might Not

5. Flatline Afternoon (feat. Anthony DiDio)

6. Anthem

7. Sayonara Motel

8. Message Like A Bomb (feat. Daryl Palumbo)

9. What’s Left To Say (feat. Vinnie Caruana)

10. Postcards

11. Crushed

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