L.S. Dunes Release Incredible New Track ‘Bombsquad’

L.S. Dunes keep the huge tracks coming in the lead-up to their debut album ‘Past Lives’.

Photo: Mark Beemer

L.S. Dunes have shared another track from their upcoming debut album ‘Past Lives’, and they continue to show off just how vast their musical catalogue is set to be.

This one is ‘Bombsquad’ and is a combination of intricately plucked guitars, building intensity and a whirlwind of passion.

It is one of the finest examples yet of just how spontaneous the band have been in their approach to writing, and it results in some truly astonishing results.

Vocalist Anthony Green had this to say about it:

“The lyrics for “Bombsquad” came from a poem that I wrote around the time of the January 6th insurrection. In the midst of the pandemic, people were trying to take down the government because a ConMan politician couldn’t admit that he had lost the election, not for any legitimate grievance or protest. The song is a rage against society’s depressing and destructive forces.

And commenting on where the gorgeous ‘Leora’ refrain of the track came from, he said:

“Leora” is an age-old word meaning ‘of the light’ or ‘compassion’, which I think is something we need to call and reflect on for growth and unity.”

You can watch the band performing the song live from Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, New York, where the song feels all the more powerful and poignant:

‘Past Lives’ is set for release on November 11 via Fantasy Records.

It will also feature ‘2022’:

And ‘Permanent Rebellion’:

L.S. Dunes are on the cover of Rock Sound this month!

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