Listen To Ultra Q’s Gorgeous New Track ‘I Watched Them Go’

Ultra Q are back and spreading their creative wings even further with a multi-faceted and ethereal new offering.

Ultra Q, the band featuring Billie Joe Armstrong’s son Jakob, are back with a new track, and showing how you will never be able to hold them down as one thing.

It’s called ‘I Watched Them Go’ and it is a glacial and gorgeous piece of forward-thinking pop music.

It’s bold and beautiful and brilliant, and feels like the first of a long line of experiments that will be coming from the band going forwards.

Jakob had this to say about it:

 “‘I Watched Them Go” is Ultra Q’s first pop song. At the same time though I think that it represents everything that UQ is supposed to be. It’s catchy, it’s outrageous, it’s beautiful, but it lands just enough in left field to be unexpected for our fans. We think this is the perfect single  because while it’s definitely extreme, it’ll find a home in our fans. Both old and new.”

Here it is:

It follows on from the band’s EP ‘Get Yourself A Friend’, which dropped last year.

Here’s the title track:

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