MOSKITO Announce Debut Mixtape ‘Bad Love’

Get ready for MOSKITO to be everywhere in 2023, with this debut mixtape firmly in their back pocket.

MOSKITO have announced that they will release their debut mixtape early next year.

It’s going to be called ‘Bad Love’ and will be dropping on January 17.

The artwork looks like this:

And they have also released a new track set to appear on it.

It’s called ‘517’ and is a raucous and raw piece of party-starting riffing.

Frontman Jake Rudd had this to say about it:

“517 is a song which allows you to find yourself lost in the chaos, conjuring any emotion in which you allow yourself, this is your page…. What would you write? After all we all just architects of our own downfall! It’s like a letter to your ex. Full of optimism, pride, resentment, confusion, jealousy, loathing & a desperation to prove them wrong. 517 is the ultimate revenge bod.

A host of the band’s previously released singles will also appear on the mixtape.

They are ‘Sweet Fruit’:

‘Gone With The Girl Next Door’:

And ‘Don’t Touch My Baby’:

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