Hannah Grae Releases ‘When I Had Hope I Had It All’ As Part Of New Mini Album

Hannah Grae has shared her brand-new mini album ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’, and with it, the soaring final track ‘When I Had Hope I Had It All’.

The new, nine-track project features previous anthems ‘Who Dunnit?’, ‘Better Now You’re Gone’, ‘Screw Loose’ and ‘It Could’ve Been You’, as well as five entirely new tracks.

Discussing the new project in full, the breakout star has shared:

“I’m so excited to finally be releasing ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’. I wrote it when I was 19 and freshly new to London. 

“I remember feeling like I was treading water trying to take everything in and appreciate it all. 19 was such a transformative year for me, as it is for a lot of people. I couldn’t really figure out how I fitted into this new world that I was now a part of. 

“This meant that I struggled with being authentic and knowing exactly who I was and the only thing that felt like me at this time, was my music. 

“The project is about so many things. It’s about growth, grief, breakups, and breakdowns. I poured everything I had into it and I’m so proud of what came from that.”

Have a listen to final track ‘When I Had Hope I Had It All’ via its official lyric video below.

Commenting on the mini-album’s closing song more specifically, Hannah has explained: 

“‘When I Had Hope I Had It All’ is one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written. It explains the whole project in one song and it was the first concept idea I had for this mini album. 

“I had written the title in my notes app months before I’d even started the writing process. I knew that it struck a nerve in me, and I felt something every time I thought about it. 

“The song is about dreaming so big and so much and then finally achieving your dream, or at least parts of it, and it not being what you thought it would be. 

“A fantasy is only that when it’s being fantasised about. So much magic was lost when I forgot why I was working so hard to get to where I wanted. 

“I often listen to this song to remind myself of why I’m doing this, which is why I think it’s the perfect closing track for the project.”

See the full ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ tracklisting below.

1. The Overture
2. Typical (The Buttercup Song)
3. Better Now You’re Gone
4. Need Me Now
5. It Could’ve Been You
6. Screw Loose
7. Number 4
8. Who Dunnit?
9. When I Had Hope, I Had It All

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