NOAHFINNCE Announces Debut Album ‘Growing Up On The Internet’ Via Magical New Video for ‘Scumbag’

NOAHFINNCE has marked the announcement of his debut album with an empowering, magical music video for ‘Scumbag’.

Image credit: Corinne Cumming

Following a run of singles including ‘I Know Better’ and the album’s now-confirmed title track, 'Growing Up On The Internet’, NOAHFINNCE has confirmed that his debut full-length is on its way.

The news was announced shortly after the singer-songwriter (real name, Noah Adams) premiered the new video for his most recent single, ‘Scumbag’. A diss track against transphobes and TERF’s, the video stars Noah alongside viral sensation Kelsey Ellison, who reprises her viral cosplay of ‘Dancing Magical Schoolgirl’.

Check out the eerie video below:

Co-written with the likes of McFly's Danny Jones and Dougie Poynter, ‘Growing Up On The Internet’ will arrive on March 04 via Hopeless Records.

On his debut album, Noah says,“I only recently began processing the effect that growing up on the internet with hundreds of thousands of eyes on me has had on my development as a person. It’s impossible to separate who you are as a person and who you would be without people on the internet telling you who you should be – I’m sure a lot of my generation and generations to come can find solace in somebody recounting their frustrations with the world as it is now.”

As a society, we’re entering uncharted waters where nobody quite knows the repercussions of having unrestricted access to any thought any person has at any time. Human beings weren’t built to perceive and compare ourselves to millions of others, we were made to pick berries and build relationships within our local communities.” 

Have a look at the album artwork below:

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