Normandie Mark Their Return With ‘Blood In The Water’

Swedish trio Normandie have shared their first new music since 2021 with powerful new single ‘Blood In The Water’.

Image credit: Jacob Papinniemi

The track is the Stockholm outfit’s first release since ‘Dark & Beautiful Secrets’ and arrives ahead of their slots at Reading & Leeds later this month.

Have a listen to the tune via its video below.

Describing the basis of the track, which is packed with emotion, Normandie frontman Philip Strand has said: 

“‘Blood In The Water’ is about how “hurt people, hurt people”, how negativity is contagious and how it can lead people into negative spirals, where they unknowingly hurt the ones around them.”

‘Dark & Beautiful Secrets’, which has accrued more than 30 million streams, was heavily informed by Strands’ religious upbringing, and he’s also added how this likewise fed into Normandie’s latest tune, saying:

“Even though I left the church at a very young age, I was raised with the belief that every person is born with a clean slate, and then our experiences and traumas form us as people. 

“I’ve always seen hurtful people as damaged, sad and maybe even wrongfully judged by their behaviour, rather than their past. Nobody was born evil, it’s something we pick up along the way and usually comes from pain and suffering in some way.” 

“With this song, I wanted to get into the mind of the hurtful/hurt person and try to understand their behaviours and patterns. 

“‘Love me til my heart stops, hit me like a freight truck’ is one of my favourite lines. I’m positioning love as a drug, with the person’s tolerance building, leading them to seek being really blown away by their feelings, to cover the pain inside.”

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