PhaseOne & ERRA Team Up On Punishing ‘World Unknown’

Phase One continues his hot streak of collaborations with scene mainstays with a vicious link-up with the ERRA boys.

PhaseOne has been making a name for themselves over the last few years with a series of collaborations with scene bands.

And the latest is another belter.

They’ve teamed up with progressive giants ERRA for ‘World Unknown’, a metalcore/EDM masterclass.

Ethereal one moment, guttural the next, it blends the ferocity of bass music and technical riffing perfectly, with both sides fighting for your attention throughout.

From the chugs to the wobs, it is stunning.

PhaseOne had this to say about it:

“Compositionally, this is one of my favourite songs I’ve written. It flows so seamlessly between the metal and electronic sections and all around is such a powerful and emotional track! This was especially fun to write because Jesse from ERRA had a lot of hands-on work in the writing process, coming over to my studio to track some guitars and vocals. It felt like a REAL collab, compared to my usual process of writing everything and finding a vocalist.”

And ERRA's Jesse Cash added this:

“When I realized Graeme and I both lived in L.A., I suggested meeting up in person to try and write something together from scratch. We were really excited by the idea of doing a true collaboration versus simply adding vocals to a pre-composed instrumental. I met him at his studio and just messed around on guitar a bit before we landed on a riff that we could build a song out from.

Graeme kind of blew my mind with his efficiency and speed in creating exciting electronic layers. It completely shaped the momentum of the song. We accomplished what we hoped to, which was a song that properly incorporated both of our individual styles into a cohesive marriage. From that point, adding vocals was quick and natural. Singer JT Cavey and I basically ended up rolling with the first draft of the melodies and patterns you hear in the final version.”

Here it is:

ERRA recently released a new track in the form of ‘Pull From The Ghost’:

And PhaseOne teamed up with Polaris earlier this year for ‘Icarus’:

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