Silent Planet Share New Single ‘Anunnaki’

Silent Planet have shared the latest single from their forthcoming ‘Superbloom’ album.

Silent Planet
Image credit: Aaron Marsh

The California band’s new 12-track project is set to arrive on November 03 via Solid State Records, and was officially announced last month.

The release date is significant for the band, as it arrives on the anniversary of their horrific van accident, in which their vehicle suddenly flipped on some black ice whilst they were driving through Wyoming. 

The crash caused some subsequent struggles with hearing loss for singer Garrett Russell, though eventually led him to have a newfound connection with music and the ‘Silent Planet’ project.

The record will feature the likes of previously released singles ‘Collider’, ‘Antimatter’ and ‘:Signal:’, as well as ferocious new track ‘Anunnaki’ – have a listen to it below.

Discussing the track, Russell has shared some fairly cryptic words, saying:

“Something stirs in the forest. Under the smoldering shadow of Mt. Shasta, extending to the forgotten reaches of the Lost Coast. 

“Our footsteps dredged up the last rites of an annihilated people; their suffering-turned curse coalesced into a blighted, blasphemous body. Listen closely. Behind the serene forest song hangs a dissonant note. 

“A blood-thirsting shriek swings in the air, wrapping the fallen boughs of sequoias… resounding through the valley. 

“Descendants of an ancient race – beings crossed between humans and beings from another dimensions – they remain and hold the memory of the native martyrs. Their presence demands vengeance. They are the forgotten giants. They are the Anunnaki.”

See the full ‘Superbloom’ track-listing and album artwork below.


1) Lights Off the Lost Coast

2) Offworlder

3) Collider

4) Euphoria

5) Dreamwalker

6) Antimatter

7) :Signal:

8) Anunnaki

9) The Overgrowth

10) Nexus

11) Re-Entry


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