Sydney Sprague Shares Cover Of Turnstile’s ‘Underwater Boi’

Sydney Sprague has shared her cover of Turnstile’s ‘Underwater Boi’, for the latest track from Rude Records’ charitable compilation album ‘Changing Tides’.

Image credit: Valence Heartlock

‘Underwater Boi’ of course featured on Turnstile’s critically-acclaimed 2021 ‘Glow On’ album and has been given an indie-rock rendition courtesy of Sprague.

It’s the fifth single from the ‘Changing Tides’ compilation, following Have Mercy's cover of ‘1979’, Izzy Mahoubi feat. Sydney Sprague’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, ‘Help Is On The Way’ by Telltale and ‘Arguing With Thermometers’ by Superlove.

Have a listen to the new cover of ‘Underwater Boi’ via the visualiser below.

Speaking on the new cover, Sprague has 

“‘GLOW ON’ by Turnstile has been my hyper-fixation record since it came out, and I really love underwater boi in particular. I figured since it has water in the title it’d be a good fit for a compilation directed towards benefitting ocean clean up efforts.” 

“When Rude approached me about contributing to the Changing Tides compilation, I was super excited. I’ve spent most of my life playing covers for a living but I’ve never gotten around to releasing any. 

“Working on songs that aren’t mine scratches a totally different part of my brain and I really enjoy it. My bass player/partner/collaborator and I recorded it in our home studio. 

“It was a fun project for us especially after being so focused on my new record, somebody in hell loves you, for the last year. 

“It’s really the first thing we’ve worked on since making the record and it was a nice way to ease back into recording mode.”

Rude Cares – the charitable branch of Rude Records – launched the Changing Tides compilation in February this year, and sees Rude Records artists covering songs on environmental topics.

With each song, the label will donate profits to the cause of “raising awareness and make the world a better place” through music. 

100% of collected funds with the distribution of the cover songs will benefit Sea Shepherd, which fights to defend, conserve and protect the ocean with direct action to defend marine wildlife and protect their habitat in the world’s oceans.

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