The Home Team Release New Single And Animated Video For ‘Hell’

The Home Team have shared their brand-new single ‘Hell’.

The new track follows the release of their song ‘Brag’, which arrived at the start of the year.

Both tracks stick to what the Seattle band describe as “heavy pop”, with vocalist Brian Butcher saying of their latest single:

“‘Hell’ is a big ‘ol’ whopping leap into songwriting territory that we’re very familiar with, but in a completely new package. 

“This is one of those songs that we didn’t really set out to make, but just came together in a great way. We had plenty of “Aha!” moments during the process, and we ended up with a song that we’ve got a lot of faith in. 

“We’re anticipating that this will satiate our heavy music listeners pretty well.”

The new track arrives with an animated video that pays homage to video games such as Guitar Hero – have a watch and a listen below.

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