The Used announce new album ‘Toxic Positivity’ and new single ‘People Are Vomit’

Image credit: Anthony Tran

After announcing their upcoming tenth studio album Toxic Positivity earlier this week, The Used are keeping fans on their toes and have released a surprise new single ‘People Are Vomit’.

This is the second single from the forthcoming album, the first ‘Fuck You’ was released in 2022.

On ‘People Are Vomit,’ The Used portray a critique of the state of the world today, and circle back to their heavier style in full force. Vocalist Bert McCracken sings, ‘This future was fucked before it got started/This world is disgusting and people are vomit.’

The track is a straightforward, in-your-face explosion of Bert McCracken’s iconic angst-ridden vexation and snarling pop energy that doesn’t let up. It is everything fans have come to expect from The Used over the last 20+ years at the forefront of the scene, solidifying their enduring legacy.

Listen to the new track below

The Used EP Cover
‘Toxic positivity’ is out on May 19th via Big Noise

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