The Word Alive Release Version Of ‘League Of Legends’ Track ‘Rise’

The Word Alive have released their own version of ‘League Of Legends’ track ‘Rise’.

The original track features vocals from the band’s vocalist Telle Smith, along with The Glitch Mob and Mako, and has amassed an astounding 440 million streams.

Discussing the new rendition of the track, ‘Rise (Redux)’, Telle has explained:

“Back in 2018 I received an email asking if I had any interest in working with Riot Games Music to help create the 2018 League Of Legends Worlds Anthem. 

“Little did I know that email would change my life, and lead to some of the most amazing friendships and career defining moments of my life. ‘Rise’ became the second biggest world’s anthem in esports history, and a staple amongst not just gamers but music fans worldwide.

“I’m honoured to play a role in ‘Rise’, but we were always asked over the years if we would make “our own” version. With the 5 year anniversary we decided to go into the studio and give fans exactly what they’ve asked for as a thank you for all of the amazing memories. I hope you enjoy our ‘Rise (Redux)’!”

Indeed, listen for yourself via the lyric video below.

The new version of the immensely popular video game soundtrack follows the release of The Word Alive’s ‘Hard Reset’ album, which arrived in August last year via Thriller Records.

Speaking about the album near its release, as part of Rock Sound’s The Album Story feature, Telle said:

“With a band like ours, one thing that people have loved or maybe hated is that we didn’t stick to only one lane.

“We’ve had a lot of experimentation throughout our career. With this record though, I knew we were going to be dropping it 15 years into a career. 

“It was the longest we had taken to make a record, we’d had a lineup change and we were coming out of the world shutting down. So I’d had a lot of time to reflect on what I wanted this record to be.”

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