Watch Bring Me The Horizon Perform ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’ With Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris

Bring Me The Horizon and Knocked Loose is a match made in heaven, especially on a classic like ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’.

We all know how many huge, genre-defying tracks Bring Me The Horizon have released over the last few years.

But you can’t beat a throwback, especially when the throwback is as fucking excellent as ‘Diamonds Aren’t Forever’.

One of the many highlights on the band’s 2008 album ‘Suicide Season’, it’s made its way back into the setlist on the band’s current tour across the US.

And last night in California, they were joined by Knocked Loose’s Bryan Garris for it.

Which is as perfect as it gets.

Devastating breakdowns, huge mosh calls and plenty of crushing force, it had everything.

You can check out some fan-shot footage of the event taking place below:

Bring Me recently released a new single in the form of ‘Strangers’, which sounds like this:

And Knocked Loose released the astonishing EP ‘A Tear In The Fabric Of Life’, which sounds like this:

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