Watch Polyphia’s Gorgeous Video For ‘Chimera’ feat. Lil West

Polyphia’s new album ‘Remember That You Will Die’ is out now, and the band have more beautiful visuals to accompany it.

Polyphia’s new album ‘Remember That You Will Die’ is now yours, released this past Friday (October 28) via Rise Records.

An expansive, experimental, extraordinary display of musicianship, it is a huge step for the band in both their scope and stature, and is only going to get them closer and closer to world domination.

It’s a record that also features some of the band’s most intriguing features to date, including this one with Lil West.

The song that they have worked on together is ‘Chimera’, a bristling, bold and battering piece of flamenco-laced, trap-bothering brilliance.

And the band have shared a new video for it featuring Lil West, who puts in one hell of a performance with his verse.

Stunning visuals, beautifully shot and intricately blended. It is art of the highest calibre.

Here it is:

If you fancy hearing another one of the surprising collabs, here’s the cute ‘ABC’ featuring Sophia Black:

Polyphia were on the cover of Rock Sound recently talking all about ‘Remember That You Will Die’. You can pick up a copy, and some world exclusive merch, from right HERE

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