Kill The Lights, ‘Death Melodies’ | Track By Track

Kill The Lights guide us through the meaning behind the songs on their new album ‘Death Melodies’, out March 08 via Fearless Records.

‘Hear You Scream’

“‘Hear You Scream’ is about being trapped in a toxic relationship and not knowing how to escape. You convince yourself over and over that things will get better, but all along you are being used. When the mask of “fake love” is peeled back the web of lies and deceit are unveiled. You slowly and strategically bide your time and exact your revenge.”

‘Die Alone’

“‘Die Alone’ talks about my battle with depression and anxiety. I find myself switching between living in the past, which creates depression and living in the future, which causes anxiety. It’s so hard to love yourself and see value in yourself when this is your daily struggle.”

‘Broken Bones’

“‘Broken Bones’ tells the story of someone who is in the depths of loss, heartbreak, and tragedy. Frozen with fear they are forced to watch their life play out like a bad movie. Only hope keeps them from drowning in their own struggle with mental health. Every breath a struggle, each day a battle. On hands and knees, they fight just to get through the day.”


“‘Bleeding’ talks about watching someone you love battle with an addiction. The hardest part is to see them slowly decline mentally and physically and no matter how hard you try the only way they are going to finally get help is by hitting rock bottom.”


“‘Scapegoat’ discusses the feeling of being trapped in your own head, believing that there is no escape or place that you can turn to for help. The constant cycles of self-doubt, anger and depression eat away at your confidence and willingness to make changes like you’re setting yourself up to fail. Always choosing the path with the most negative outcomes or most toxic situations.”

‘From Ashes’

“‘From Ashes’ lyrically discusses having to live with the pain of knowing that you let your loved ones down.”

‘Wasting Away’

“‘Wasting Away’ is a battle cry to those of us that are sick and tired of being bullied and abused. It’s about drawing a line in the sand and not putting up with people’s bullshit anymore.”

‘Man Without A Face’

“‘Man Without A Face’ discusses the horrors of war and the battle with PTSD that so many veterans struggle with every day.”

‘Ghost Of Yesterday’

“‘Ghost Of Yesterday’ is a song about being betrayed by someone you loved and trusted.”

‘Sleep With The Devil’

“‘Sleep With The Devil’ lyrically deals with the struggle of addiction and the daily fight to stay sober. The “devil’ specifically being your addiction of choice. It always seems like matter how hard you try it’s impossible to walk away from it. You find yourself doing whatever you can just to get that quick “fix” knowing that the outcome will never be a good one. Every day you wake up you’re in a constant battle with the inner voices and demons that tell you that you are not good enough, and you should give up. Simply looking at yourself in the mirror is a reminder of how you’ve let yourself, your family, and friends down. It’s a constant negative cycle that fuels your desire to mask the pain and disappointment by abusing yourself.”


“‘Suicidal’ is a song about being trapped in an abusive relationship and our inability to ask for help.”


“‘Drowning’ is a song about feeling trapped inside your own body and the struggle to find the real, happy version of yourself.”

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