Green Day Open Reverb Store Featuring Billie Joe Armstrong Guitars

You can own a piece of Green Day history as they are reopening their online Reverb store giving you the chance to purchase guitars and other gear used by the group.

Photo: Carla Mundy

Nearly 100 pieces of gear used both in the studio and on the road will be available to the public when the store opens on October 18. Some of the most prized items include…

  • A 1956 Gibson Les Paul Jr., that frontman Billie Joe Armstrong bought in 2017 during the ‘Revolution Radio’ tour, which became his hotel and bus practice guitar.
  • A Gibson ES-335 that was built-to-order for the ’21st Century Breakdown’ tour and played all over the world.
  • A vintage Hiwatt 4×12 cabinet used during the making of the ‘Uno, Dos, Tre’ records. 
  • A prototype Billie Joe Armstrong Les Paul Jr. that served as a test for Armstrong’’s 2017 Gibson model. He and his tech experimented with several hand-cut pickguard shapes and pickup mounting options on it.
  • Armstrong’s personal Fender Bullet Deluxe that he played nearly every day on his tour bus during many US and European tours.

Plus, everyone that signs up here to receive more information about the rest of the gear will automatically be entered to win Armstrong’s one-of-one, custom Gibson Billie Joe Armstrong Jr. prototype guitar. Have a look at that below:

Green Day will hit Las Vegas next week when they headline When We Were Young Festival alongside Blink-182. They also just released a special 30th anniversary edition of their landmark album ‘Dookie’.

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