Holy Wars Share Brilliantly Intense Video For ‘Tension//Release’

Holy Wars have released a new video for their track ‘Tension//Release’ – the final, enthralling track from their recent ‘Cult Classic’ EP.

The L.A.-based duo released their project in November, with the six-track package embodying feelings of loss and pain.

As singer Kat Leon described when speaking to us about the wider EP, along with bandmate Nick Perez:

“The best songs make you feel multiple emotions. I love when the music makes you feel empowered, but the lyrics break your heart. 

“I look for that depth in the music I listen to, and that rawness is vital to Holy Wars because our inception came from the most vulnerable place imaginable.”

It’s fair to say ‘Tension//Release’ has exactly those qualities, and now has an intense new video featuring Kat – have a watch below.

Speaking about the track more specifically, Kat has shared:

“This song is a special one to me. I wanted to close the EP with a slower feel to add some weight and depth to this wild ride of ‘Cult Classic’.

“TENSION//RELEASE” brings it back to the beginning of our band when I wrote about grief and life after the death of my parents.

“It is a representation of where I am now and how grief never goes away but transforms.

“Mine has been the source of my momentum, keeping me running on a hamster wheel to distract from looking at this void. It puts a spotlight on the push and pull of depression and anxiety.”

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