King Nun Sign To Marshall Records

London-based grunge group King Nun have today announced their signing to Marshall Records.

The band have also shared a video for their latest single ‘Selfish’, which you can check out below.

Speaking about their new home, the band have spoken simply of their excitement to be with the independent label, saying: 

“The people at Marshall Records are great and they’re helping us make the music we really want to make; we’re having an incredible time.”

‘Selfish’ has been in the works with the band for a while, before the band fully finalised it after hunkering down in an isolated recording studio and adopting “a ‘try, try, try again’ approach that drove us mad,” vocalist and guitarist Theo Polyzoides has said.

Polyzoides added: “After all the isolated introspection, we realised that this song talks about the struggle of maintaining our lives as artists as well as people, and how music often leads to falling out, missing major events, and sometimes losing relationships entirely.” 

“But despite the selfishness of it all, we carry on for those fleeting moments of clarity and the joy of expressing ourselves. In short, this is a melodramatic song about responsibility, and what we owe to others as well as ourselves.”

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