MOD SUN & Charlotte Sands Team Up For ‘SEXOXO’

MOD SUN and Charlotte Sands join forces for a track about how intimacy does get better when you find the right person.

MOD SUN has shared a new track, and it’s a collaboration with Charlotte Sands.

It’s called ‘SEXOXO’ and is all about the best and worst sex you have had and how it correlates with the person that you’re doing it with.

It’s an intimate and intense love song, and one where you can feel both MOD and Charlotte exorcising their past in their own way.

MOD had this to say about it:

“For me, every great song has a haunting quality,” MOD SUN shares. “A place where past and present can live together. The lyrics of ‘SEXOXO’ are just that…moving on, starting again, happiness, sadness, fear, and excitement. It’s all there. This song was created on a rainy day in the mountains of California and that landscape will always be ingrained in this song.

I think Charlotte Sands is on the road to super stardom. She has an incredibly unique voice and when you see her perform the quality of her artistry triples. I needed her to sing on this song, there was no one else that could give the haunting quality that I was looking for but her. I think this song is really special and will only get better with time.

The message is clear and sometimes saying exactly what you’re thinking is far better than trying to coat it in clever metaphors…that is ‘SEXOXO,’ straight to the point.”

And Charlotte added this:

“Working with MOD SUN is truly such an amazing experience. He is a constant stream of positive energy and creativity and anyone who is around him gets the privilege of witnessing his brilliance. I’m so excited to release a song with him and am grateful to get to be a small part of his journey.”

Here we go:

MOD SUN’s new album ‘God Save The Teen’ is set to drop on February 03.

Here’s ‘Battle Scars’:

And here is Charlotte’s latest track, ‘Tantrum’:

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