Telltale Drop New Single And Video ‘Eddy’

Telltale have released new single ‘Eddy’, replete with references to some of their previous work.

The new single arrives today via Rude Records and follows the band’s recent tune ‘Cardinals’, which marked their first release of 2024.

Speaking about the new track, the band have shared:

“[We’re] a huge fan of callbacks, and this one is riddled with them. It has references to quite a few of our more popular songs. 

“‘Rose’ and ‘Lie Your Way Out’ are easy to notice, but a few others are tucked in there as well. 

“The song and video are also packed with multiple Poe references, with the whole video serving as a loose modern retelling of the The Tell-Tale Heart.

“We wanted both the music and imagery to be self-referential in a way that was fun for people.

And speaking further about the accompanying music video, which is set in a dingy basement, they added:

“We had a really great team behind this production. From the lighting to the special FX makeup, it all just came together with this dark campiness that’s come to define our band.”

Have a look at what that entails below via the official video for ‘Eddy’.

Last year saw a huge year of live shows for Telltale, as they coheadlined a full U.S. tour with labelmates Sundressed and supported The Home Team on select dates of their spring tour, whilst also making an appearance at 2000trees Festival. 

No doubt they brought some of their tour essentials with them along the road, heating pad and EZ pass included, which they told us all about in Rock Sound’s ‘Tour Essentials’ feature last year.

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