HourHouse Enlist Shaolin G Of UnityTX For Ferocious New ‘Bodybag Musik’ Single

HourHouse have teamed up with Shaolin G of Unity X for brand-new single ‘Bodybag Musik’.

The new single follows the recent release of ‘Do It Like’, which heralded the announcement of the rap-metal collective signing to record label UNFD.

‘Bodybag Musik’ is an almighty new tune with big, boisterous beats and rap verses – have a listen below.

Speaking on the new track, and the collaboration with Shaolin G, HourHouse vocalist Milly has explained: 

“‘BODYBAG MUSIK’ is exactly what the title says it is. This is the soundtrack to the boot. It’s way more than just Mardi Gras and voodoo. 

“It’s a real warzone out here no matter what walk of life you come from, and we wanted to let the listener into what our corner of the south is like on a daily basis. 

“Shaolin is someone I feel needed to be on the song, because his band UnityTX is another group bringing REAL rap to metal – not just using it for clickbait.”

Shaolin G, meanwhile, has added: 

“‘BODYBAG MUSIK’ is a sick song… when I first heard it, I got that instant head nod from how groovy the intro riff was. 

“Milly and the HH gang really did some shit with this track, and I’m stoked to see more of this kinda music touching places it couldn’t before.”

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